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When I moved to the Olympic Peninsula in 1999, I kept getting phone calls on a regular basis from people looking for a harp teacher. Recognizing and honoring this valuable need to learn the harp, I began teaching the harp in 2002.

I teach on the lever harp or pedal harp. Most of my students learn on the lever harp and progress to the pedal harp.  Students can range in age from 8 years old to 80.

A student doesn’t need to have any prior music training. I will often give an introductory lesson, so that a potential student can have an experience with playing the harp and learn more about the instrument before making a commitment. Also, very importantly, we can see if we are compatible.


I feel that music fulfills a very basic need for a person. Music is a vehicle in expressing yourself and other people get to share in this experience when you play your instrument for them.  I find this fact very magical.  The harp is ancient and almost primordial in the very presence that it exudes. Today there is a renaissance of the harp. Harp makers like Dusty Strings in the Fremont District in Seattle is making folk/lever harps available and affordable for many music lovers.

My teaching style is very student-centered, in that I teach music to my pupils that appeals to them – classical, folk, celtic, standards, etc. I provide my students with a very firm foundation in harp form and technique and from there they can branch out and discover their own style and perhaps move on to other teachers, etc. I also love to teach my students how to play from fake books. With this skill they can add many songs to their repertoire in a short amount of time and also learn to improvise at the same time.

Lessons – What does it cost you?

$40.00 per 1 hour lesson

Harp Rentals:

Folk harps for rent at $50.00 per month, with a 3 month minimum.
$250.00 deposit is required.

Contact Arisa at (360) 394-3689

Arisa Houston Hypnotherapy and Harp Arisa Houston Hypnotherapy and Harp