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"Every year, close to 342,000 Americans die of lung disease. Lung disease is America's number three killer, responsible for one in seven deaths."

Statistic from The America Lung Association

Stop Smoking NOW!
The Quick and Easy Way Program


The Stop Smoking Program and how it works:

First Session: 60 to 90 minutes in length.
We discuss your smoking habit in great detail. You are taught self-hypnosis techniques that you can use for relaxation and to feel greater self-control. You are not given any direct suggestions to stop smoking on the first visit as this session is designed to make you receptive to hypnosis and ready for the day you will stop smoking. You are also given a booklet to read before your next session entitled "Hypnosis, The Quick and EasyWay to Stop Smoking along with a Guided Hypnosis CD to help ensure your success on your "Quit Day" session of going into a deep level of hypnosis much easier and quicker.

The second session is the day we target as the stop smoking day. The appointment for the second session is scheduled within one week. You are instructed to circle that day on your calendar and to build up the anticipation of quit-day, by counting down each day.

Second Session: 60 to 90 minutes in length.
We create together the positive, direct suggestions that will go into your subconscious mind for smoking cessation. You are guided into a deep relaxation and given the positive, direct suggestions that we created together. A vital component of the success of this program is the Stop Smoking CD that is provided for you to take home and listen to on a daily basis along with an instructional booklet, "Stay Smoke Free For A Lifetime".

One of the great benefits of listening to the CD is receiving relaxing hypnosis on a daily basis in the comfort of your own home. This CD is designed to reinforce the suggestions already given you and is a mini hypnosis session.


Words from Successful Clients:

“It was so amazing to finally quit smoking after only one session. I look forward to more hypnosis with other issues.” LL, writer

"Today is two years since you helped me quit smoking. I have not even had the desire to smoke once since the session. I can't thank you enough. I am so glad that I felt comfortable with you enough to believe I could do it. I will always be grateful. Thank you doesn't seem enough but I don't know what else to say. Thank you Dear Lady." CC.

"I had always dreaded the time that I was going to quit smoking. Although I knew the harm I was causing myself the grip that cigarettes had on me was just too strong. I was so happy to have discovered hypnosis and can truly say that I am now in control and those cravings are totally gone". TS, Realtor

What does if Cost you?

The Stop Smoking package is $300.00 for the two sessions.
Price includes a Stop Smoking MP3.

Take the Stop Smoking Challenge with a friend and save.

Challenge a friend or family member to stop smoking at the same time as you and you both save.
$550 for 2 people. Sessions must be booked concurrently.

My Stop Smoking Program was modeled after The National Guild of Hypnotist’s highly successful, Quit Smoking Program. For more info about the NGH, visit their website.

Contact Arisa at (360) 394-3689 or email her at

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