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The sky’s the limit for theories on past lives.

"Uncovering past lives works best if approached with the attitude that they are a fact.  The interpreting of those “facts” can come later.  It is important first to stir the mind into new revelations.  Even if we treat them as nothing more than symbolic communications from the subconscious mind, we can open ourselves to tremendous insights.”


– Ted Andrews, How to Uncover Your Past Lives

My interest in past lives began over thirty years ago, when I began reading the novels of Joan Grant.  Joan was an English authoress in the 1940’s who wrote a series of novels based on her past life memories. Also, my interest got further sparked by psychics who almost always mentioned seeing a vision of me in a past life. I have to admit that I was intrigued by the glamour of being told I was a priestess or a princess in another lifetime.

My curiosity changed to self growth pursuits as time went on. I found that it wasn’t enough just to merely be told by soothsayers that I was this or that in another life.  After being regressed to various past lives by some of my colleagues, I began to understand my present life from totally new aspects and perspectives. I have also arrived at the same conclusion as the above quote from Ted Andrews.

It doesn’t matter if reincarnation truly exists. What does matter is the images and past life experiences have come from my own subconscious mind and what I do with this information can be a part of my healing transformation into wholeness.

Past Life Regression – What to Expect

We will discuss what your beliefs are about Past Lives and the purpose of your regression -what you would like to discover about yourself.  We will discuss if you are seeking to resolve a particular problem/issue that you are currently having.  Possibly, you may want to discover how current family members were related to you in a past life.  Or, you may seek answers in relation to why you have a certain affinity with a certain culture or place in the world.  The questions are infinite.  If you don’t have any questions and are simply curious, that is perfectly fine.

After our pre-talk, you make yourself comfy in a reclining chair and soft, background music is played. I then guide you into deep relaxation and hypnosis. Through guided imagery, such as:  “You now find yourself in a hallway with doors on either side. When you come to a door that attracts you the most or perhaps may lead you to the lifetime that will help you gain clarity with your issue, let me know.”

The regression is very interactive, because through my questions and your answers, we begin uncovering the details of your former lifetime.

Oftentimes, you may need to be regressed to several different lives before we hit upon the life that supplies the answers for your particular issue.

Some of the ways in which you may experience the regression:

It may be like viewing an old photograph, where images are not very defined or it may be like watching a movie with a cast of characters that are familiar to you.

Some aspects that you view can be very emotional, particularly if you are viewing a past trauma.  If this was to occur, I would allow you to express your emotions, briefly and then would guide you to peace and relaxation through various techniques.

To conclude the regression, I ask you to bring your knowledge and understanding from that past life into the present and to leave all negativity in the past. 

After bringing you up into the here and now, we discuss your experience and new learning’s.

Words from Clients:

“I know now have so much more insight about my relationship with my boyfriend. How incredible to see both of us in three different lives, where our roles were reversed and I was treating him as badly as he is treating me in this life.” RG, Scientist

“I’ve always felt an affinity with Africa. Viewing my life as a Tribal Elder was so vivid. It makes me feel goose bumps.” LT, Massage Therapist

“I felt such love for humanity and myself when you asked me about what I learned from the life I just uncovered.” CA, Mental Health Counselor

What does it cost you?

Single Session: (includes 10-20 minute pre-session consultation)
60 to 90 minutes in length:  $245.00
MP3 recording of the session is included in the price.

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