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"The plates are bigger, the servings are bigger, and so are the people: In the U.S., adult obesity rates have doubled since 1971, and one-third of adults are now considered obese."

National Geographic Magazine, 2004

The good news is...
hypnosis has proven results in helping people to change the way they think, feel and behave towards food.

Although, hypnosis is a powerful, effective tool in weight loss and weight management, it must also be understood that hypnosis is not some magic pill. Some form of physical exercise along with an eating plan must be utilized along with hypnosis in order for weight loss and weight management to be a success.

My weight program has been highly successful in helping people to reach their goals.

Words from Successful Clients:

"I am truly amazed that after only a few sessions, I feel different now. It’s hard to put into words. Recently, I walked past the vending machine at work and didn’t even think twice about eating any of the junk foods. I am now eating less, exercising on a regular basis and use the self-hypnosis techniques you taught me when I need them.  Thank you for helping me get a life again!"  MG, Lawyer.

"I am so happy that I reached my goal of losing 30 pounds. I`ve lost weight in the past, but then it went right back on again. The hypnosis really made it easy and natural to lose weight. I didn’t have the struggle and the usual mind chatter that I’ve had in the past.
I love hypnosis.  It’s better than a massage!" 
MV, Mechanic.

"I am at that time of life when I call menopause the "M" word. Thanks for helping me stick with the program.  I wanted to give up, because I believed the extra weight would never come off. When I finally made the realization that I wasn`t going to lose weight as fast as when I was younger; I relaxed and allowed my subconscious to work for me. I`m ecstatic to have reached my goal. I am now 50 pounds lighter and I`m staying that way." CH, Mortgage Broker.

Weight Management Program

First session:
We discuss your weight issue in depth and with complete confidentiality. During this discussion we also explore your goals and what has worked for you or not worked for you in regards to weight management. The first session is usually 1.5 hours. Subsequent sessions are one hour or longer, if needed.

Hypnosis for the first session is typically based around self-esteem and confidence building as well as motivational to reach your ideal body weight.

I offer a free weight management cd after 4 sessions. This is a generalized cd which contains deep relaxation, guided metaphorical imagery and positive suggestions. It is a great self-hypnosis tool and support to help you reach your weight management goals. 

I also can create personal cds for your specific needs and requirements.

The number of sessions required for the weight management program varies, because every client has a unique background, commitment and motivational capacity. My goal is to empower you in helping you to reach your goal in as few sessions as possible. Also, my goal with this program is to make the whole process of weight management an easy and relaxing one and to teach you self-hypnosis techniques for making a permanent, positive lifestyle change.

Subsequent sessions:
We find out the where, when and how of your weight issue and find substitute behaviors to replace negative eating habits.

Powerful, proven, self-hypnosis techniques are taught to you.

Any number of hypnotherapy techniques could be used, which includes, guided imagery, Parts therapy, Regression, NLP/reframing, etc.

What does it cost you?

First session:  $195.00 takes between 1 and 1.5 hours

Subsequent sessions:  $100.00 per hour

Package rate: $450 for 4 sessions includes a "Weight Management For You" MP3, $620 for 6 sessions.

Contact Arisa at (360) 394-3689 or email her at

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