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"Transformation does not have to take years of study or a lifetime of meditation.
It can happen in an instant"

Dick Sutphen, author and hypnotist

Hypnotherapy for Change and Transformation.

Hypnotherapy utilizes hypnosis and other hypnotic techniques to assist you in goal achievement, motivation and change, personal or spiritual growth, and lastly to aid in release of problems and the causes of problems.

The hypnotherapist is the guide to assist you in reaching a deep level of relaxation in body, mind and spirit. While in this state, the subconscious mind, which is very much like a computer, can accept positive suggestions.

Contrary to Hollywood's portrayal of heroines and heroes turning into zombies at the beck and call of the hypnotist, a person that is under hypnosis is always in control of what they do or say. In fact, if you are in a hypnotic state your awareness is even more heightened than when you are in a non-hypnotic state. Hypnotherapy can be a very transformational experience.

I can help you with issues that have been difficult for you to resolve through discipline or will power. With various hypnotherapy techniques we can uncover the source of your problem and then further access the subconscious mind to facilitate release and re-educating and then resolve your problem.

I invite you to experience the transformational alchemy of hypnotherapy as you participate in making the changes necessary to live a wholesome, healthy life. I also offer a personalized, hypnosis CD as an added measure of support in your growth process.

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Arisa Houston Hypnotherapy and Harp Arisa Houston Hypnotherapy and Harp Hypnotherapy Homepage