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"Of all the methods for altering brain state, the use of sound is the most ancient and primordial. Vibration is the fundamental basis of everything that exists, from the stars and galaxies to our bodies and minds."

Tom Kenyon

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Dear Explorere
I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and Professional Harpist.

Amazingly, the two fields are very interconnected and complementary.

As a hypnotherapist, I guide my clients into deep relaxation and hypnotic states of mind. Music plays a big role in reaching deep relaxation.

I use quite a variety of background music that is especially composed for deep relaxation by sound therapists and sound healers, such as Steven Halpern, Tom Kenyon, Nigel Shaw as well as Hemi-Sync music.

On occasion, I work with brides to help overcome the "Wedding Jitters" using a guided hypnosis session to relax them just prior to their Special Day.

As a professional harpist, whether performing for a wedding of 200 guests or an intimate, dinner party, I have received a lot of comments over the years on just how “soothing and relaxing” harp music sounds.

Another description that is used a lot by my clients is “mesmerizing”. Interestingly enough, Franz Anton Mesmer is considered to be one of the founders of modern hypnosis.

It is my sincere wish that my website will both inform and inspire you on your journey towards health and healing.

Hypnotically and Harpfully yours,




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